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Library Checkout Information

  • Students in grades 2nd - 5th may checkout 3 books at a time. Two MUST be in the student's AR zone, and the third book is a choice book.
  • First grade may check out 2 books - one book in their AR zone and one choice book.
  • Kindergarten students will check out books beginning in September. They are allowed one book.
  • Books are checked out for two weeks at a time.
  • Students may renew a book for a third week if needed.
  • Chapter books may be returned only if tested on OR with a note from the homeroom teacher (unless it is a choice book). 
  • Once a student has a book that is overdue by four weeks or more, the student will not be allowed to checkout any books until the overdue book is either returned or payment has been made.


Book Care

  • Students are responsible for all checked-out books. This includes bar codes, AR labels, and AR tape.
  • Please keep library books away from all types of pets. Your pet doesn’t know how to take good care of library books.
  • Also please keep library books away from small children. They don’t understand how to properly treat books.
  • When you read your books, please make sure your hands are clean. It is hard to get ketchup or chocolate off a page.
  • Books don’t like liquids. It makes their pages all sticky and gooey. It is difficult to read a gooey book.


 AR Book Levels and Colors

 Yellow Glow  0.0-1.5
 Pink  1.6-2.0
 Blue  2.1-2.5
 Brown  2.6-3.0
 Green  3.1-4.0
 Yellow  4.1-5.0
 White  5.1-6.0
 Red  6.1-7.0
 Purple  7.1-8.0
 Orange  8.1-11.0